SPACs have been available for decades and have recently grown in popularity as an alternative way for companies to access the public markets. Due in part to market conditions and outsized growth in assets under management for hedge fund managers and other institutional investors, this excess investment capital and a lack of compelling returns available in more traditional asset classes have led investors to popularize the SPAC structure, given its risk/reward profile.

Companies considering a SPAC as a way to go public are not only determining which investment bank, legal team or auditing firm they will partner with, but the best teams are also aligning with an investor relations firm that will ensure the proper investment narrative is communicated to market stakeholders. If you are looking for unparalleled investor relations expertise to develop and execute a SPAC strategy, or simply counsel on what your next step should be, Lambert & Co. stands ready to help.

Additionally, our team is able to navigate the complex legal and regulatory framework along with your legal team thanks to our in-house General Counsel.